Teen Sleep Device


In collaboration with Philips Respironics, I worked on a team as a product developer for Smart Hammer Innovation. Over an 8 week accelerator program, the cross-functioning team explored innovative technologies that could be used for teen sleep applications. We conducted research, created personas, designed a co-create session, and created low-fidelity prototypes. I am unable to discuss our findings and final solution concept per NDA.

Smart Hammer Innovation
Product Developer: CAD Models, Survey Design, Personas, Research
Spring, 2019
Team Members

Phillip Harding, Kyle Steiner, Kedi Zhang

Customer Research

Adolescence is a pivotal phase in human development. Teens experience physiological and psychological changes that impact their circadian rhythm and affect sleep quality. Environmental factors such as increased screen-time, societal pressures, and extracurriculars further affect sleep quality. Through a comprehensive evaluation of competing products, we identified a need for a sleep solution tailored for teens. We aimed to ideate solutions that would improve sleep without changing established routines before bedtime. To do this, we conducted online surveys with over 100 responses in our target demographic. These responses helped us ideate solutions and develop a 1 hour co-create like session that would be conducted with teens in our target age demographic.

Concept Designs

The culmination of our 8 week accelerator resulted in a physical product that aimed towards teens ages 11-16. I was responsible for designing the CAD mockups that would be passed on to Philips Respironics along with our research findings. The image on the right is an early concept rendering of the design, not the final product.

Early Concept Rendering